Emanuela is the owner and head cake designer of Tortissime, a Melbourne-based specialty studio delivering sophisticated and elegant cake designs.

Emanuela’s cooking passion first started with the publication of her popular food blog The Foodie Goddess. There she developed recipes, wrote about her foodie travels and took beautiful pictures to capture her foodie moments. Her caking life blossomed a few years ago as she received more and more requests for cakes for special events, which eventuated in the birth of Tortissime.

Fast forward to 2016, and Emanuela now creates beautiful cake art for events such as weddings, birthdays and corporate events.

Emanuela specialises in fondant and buttercream cakes, cupcakes, iced cookies and the very popular chocolate lego blocks. Her passion having no bounds, she is known for her creative and unique cake designs which are all meticulously finished and taste amazing too!

Contact her to find out how she can help add that extra style to your special day.

Wedding consultations are available by appointment only.

*The Tortissime Cake Design kitchen is fully council certified. We use professional standard ingredients and food grade tools.